Our Approach

We empower individual homeowners by encouraging peer to peer conversations with other homeowners who are doing or have done various energy retrofits.

At the same time, some professionals will participate from time to time, and provide appropriate answers about specific technologies.

Our Story

The idea for this site was born when Rogier F. van Vlissingen did a presentation for professional building managers about how to do a 30-year life-cycle capital budget for energy in order to prevent a lot of false starts and sunk costs.

The questions from the audience made it clear to him that there needed to be a better venue for professional quality advice for homeowner-energy retrofitters.

Meet the Team

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Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen

Founder & CEO

One of my most fun periods in the corporate world was a time when I was running a business development department with some engineers and MBA’s, sometimes even engineers with MBA’s.

I always got a kick out of sorting out the wheat from the chaff, and finding the winning projects that truly add value to an organization. For more, see my full bio at:  https://rogierfentenervanvlissingen.me/

Bruce Lorentzen

Vice President Engineering

Bruce retired from a forty year career with Connecticut Light and Power as the Manager of Construction and Engineering. He also taught at the University of Bridgeport occasionally.

His priorities are singing in his church choir, his electric train hobby, cooking and electrical engineering as long as it’s fun.

Morton Berger


Morty Berger is a CPA who has focused on not-for profits for most of his career. He got involved with us, because he realized the power of the technologies we represent and that analytical skills we bring to the party.

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